Senior Living

Stay Safe, Healthy & Happy
Love and trust are the core values that we have kept in mind while designing our senior living facility, and always will, as we cater to this home. An atmosphere to suit your comfort levels without compromising on your peace and safety is the cornerstone of our concept of senior living, easily helping us climb several ladders and be listed among the top senior living facilities in India. ASHA Care Homes offers senior citizens with the choice of freedom from the regular days of household chores and grocery shopping among other things. With an in-house doctor and a bunch of like-minded senior citizens around, we ensure the physical and emotional welfare of seniors in a serene setting. Seniors who come over to stay with us do not leave their pasts behind. Rather, they relive their past all over again, while living a stress-free present that motivates them to pursue their forgotten dreams and desires.
We got your back, check it out:
  • Food and Beverages prepared by our Chef and supervised by our consulting Dietician
  • Housekeeping
  • Uninterrupted water and electricity
  • Laundry services
  • General care (basic weekly health check by our paramedics, weekly medical check by our doctor, maintenance of health records, resident management supervision)
  • Common amenities like recreation and business centre, library & reading room, etc
We give prime importance for your safety and security. Don’t worry about a thing as we have our trained security personnel monitoring the common areas and premises and unique safety features such as ramps and 24/7 medical care center, further reinforcing the idea of a completely safe life.
Recreational Activities
Why stifle the inner child in you when you have the limelight shining on you? The amazing spaces that we have built around our facility will surely give you the push for taking part in recreational activities and lead a colorful post-retirement life.
An Active Retired Community
You are not retired; you are just in the second innings.
Happiness is not counted on what you have; it depends on what you share. This is why we encourage bringing all our residents together to share their happiness with one and all. This way we can make sure the creation of an ‘active retired community’, having mutual care and compassion.
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