Memory Care

Memory loss is one of the most common problems among seniors that worry them and their loved ones alike. Identifying this, we have a dedicated unit that specializes in providing care for individuals facing the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other types of memory impairment.

We provide assistance with medication management and activities of daily living including bathing and grooming, all in a secure environment with 24-hour care from our specially trained caregivers.

The ASHA approach to Memory Care

As worrying is a major cause for accelerating memory loss, our team prioritizes validation and empathetic listening to make sure comfort and instil confidence in the patient. We believe that despite the challenges of memory impairment, a person can continue to live an engaging, meaningful and joyful life. Our approach to memory care includes:

Physical Activity

Regular exercise is a medicine by itself, as proven by studies and lives of many seniors at our facility. It also limits cognitive decline, which is why we offer at least two exercise opportunities every day, such as walking, stretching and restorative yoga, dancing and working with weights that are right for the person.

Social Connection and Engagement

People who belong to a caring community live longer and are less stressful than those who are isolated and lonely. This is why we give due importance to staying connected and engaged.

We conduct events and programs using music and play nostalgia-evoking movies to make the world more familiar and awaken memories of people, places and experiences from the past.

Mindfully Designed Spaces

Our spaces are designed with our residents’ abilities in mind, hence offering secure indoor and outdoor spaces, which allow them to maintain a sense of independence within their environment.

Carefully chosen artwork features local landmarks and nostalgic images. Furniture is arranged to encourage conversation and evoke feelings of being home.

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