A short interview with a mom who has chosen ASHA and her proud daughter

A short interview with a mom who has chosen ASHA and her proud daughter

*Names used are not real to protect the privacy of our residents and their family.

Lakshmi (Resident): I started looking for living options because I knew I would not be able to drive forever, and it was important that I admit it earlier than it actually happens. So I thought it would be wise to move to a place where I would have my needs met at my convenience.

Nila (Daughter): I talked to my friends and they were of the opinion that we should not wait too long because there is a lot of enjoyment in living in such places—a lot of activities and opportunities to grow. I would say my mom is proactive to have made the right decision herself.

Lakshmi (Resident): One of the most interest thing about living here is not having to worry about the upkeep of my house.  

Nila (Daughter): My siblings and I have a great peace of mind, not having to worry about mom’s health.

Lakshmi (Resident): What I enjoy the most about living here is not having to cook anymore (laughs). There is always somebody around to talk to. Everybody is very nice, very friendly. I can be as active as I want to be, I can be active every hour of the day, if an event is going on, or I can choose not to. It is perfect for me—the sense of freedom and autonomy.

Nila (Daughter): These days, she picks up my call and says ‘can we talk later? I am heading to yoga class’ or ‘I will call you back, I am going to deliver a speech’ (smiles wide). Her social life is more interesting than my siblings’ or mine (laughs. Lakshmi closes her eyes and laughs out loud with her daughter).

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