What does ASHA Family Health Centre stand for?

ASHA Family Health Centre provides preventive and health maintenance services for the whole family. It provides periodic testing, health checks, health education, medical and nursing support. It also advises on diet, exercise, preventive and health maintenance medication, immunisation, etc. It helps prevent common health problems by maintaining key parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar, lipids, thyroid function, body weight and haemoglobin.

ASHA Family Health Centre is committed to delivering comprehensive and continuous health care to you and your family. We achieve this through regular checkups and maintenance of updated personal health records, appointments with experienced and reliable doctors and specialists in times of need, home nursing and physiotherapy and comprehensive "executive health checkups". We offer:

  • Preventive Health Services
  • Home Collection Laboratory Services
  • Home Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Podiatry Services
  • Doctor’s home visits
  • Phone consultation services
  • Personal Health Record creation and maintenance
  • Reminder Service
  • Comprehensive and customised Health Checkups

Preventive Health Services

We provide independent and holistic outpatient primary care for acute problems and chronic health maintenance with close coordination with a network of trusted specialists and hospitals. Our family health centre is headed by a general physician or a family medical specialist. We also have a panel of doctors of other specialities.

Home Collection Laboratory Services

Our qualified nurses will attend to you as early as possible, upon receiving a missed call from your registered number. Services provided include:

Checking blood sugar or BP | Comprehensive (executive) health checkups | Fixing appointment with the general doctor or a specialist | Updating your PHR by entering data obtained from other laboratories

Home Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Podiatry Services:

Our experienced nurses provide administration of antibiotics, immunisation, wound dressings, enemas etc. They make regular home visits to attend to bed-bound patients and those who cannot travel to the health centre. Additional home services include visits by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and podiatrists.

Doctor's Home Visits

We arrange visits to home by experienced doctors for patients who cannot visit the Family Health Centre, by prior appointment.

Phone Consultation Service

Our phone consultation service enables telephonic consultation of doctors. The doctor will have access to your personal health record and will be fully informed about your conditions during these consultations

Personal Health Record (PHR) Creation and Maintenance

Asha Family Health Centre emphasises on proper maintenance of PHR for all registered clients. PHR is a complete health record that stores all available health information of the patient, such as test reports, ECGs, X-ray images, scan, etc. It is maintained online and is accessible to the patient through secure login at any time, from anywhere. PHR enables doctors to be informed of relevant information about the patient and makes diagnosis and treatment more accurate. The Family Health Centre has a dedicated office that deals with PHR maintenance.

Reminder Service

Reminder service involves sending proactive reminders to check your key health parameters at regular intervals. As part of this service, you will get periodic reminders to check your BP, blood sugar and other relevant tests through email, SMS or other forms of communication.

Comprehensive and customised (Executive) Health Checkups

We offer health checkups that are relevant and ensure no important related tests are ignored. We have an efficient, centrally-coordinated network of quality -controlled laboratories that ensures that tests are carried out in the most reliable way. The results of those tests will be collected and entered in the respective PHR. The specimen meant for the tests will be collected from your home.

Executive Health Checkup includes:

  • Digitising and uploading existing test reports into PHR
  • Consultation with the general physician or family medical specialist directly or thhrough telephone
  • Issuing a report after the creation of PHR

  • Continuing periodic home blood sugar & BP check and telephonic services

    Customised Home Health Checkups

    Health checkups at home can be customised for patients. Specimens are obtained at your home by our trained nurses. X-rays, scans, etc, are done at our affiliated laboratories.

    To avail other services offered by our company, contact:

    Family Health Centre

    Doctor/Nurse on call

    Home Collection Laboratory Service
    (Collection of Blood/BP/ECG at home)

    Ayurveda Wellness Centre

    Ayurveda Beauty Care
    (for both Men and Women)

    Pre and Post Natal Care

    Yoga Classes

    Home Nursing

    Physiotherapy Centre

    Mobile Physiotherapy Services

    Senior Living

    Intervening Care Centre
    (Care during the intervening period before and after a medical intervention)

    For more details or to avail or book our services as above, please contact 1800 102 8313

    Health Checkup Packages
    Adolescent Health Checkup (Age:13-19) - Rs.1000/-
    Blood Pressure and complete physical examination | RBS | TSH | CBC
    Executive Health Checkups - Rs. 2100/-
    Blood Pressure and complete physical examination | FBS & HbA1c | Lipid profile | TSH | Uric acid | CBC | Urea, creatinine & electrolytes | LFTs | ECG |

    PSA in males - 50 and above (+ Rs. 300/-) Urine micro albumin - for diabetes (+ Rs. 300/-)

    To fix an appointment, contact:
    1800 102 8313

    Asha Carehomes Pvt Ltd, 1st Floor, Koluthara Towers, near Marappalam, Pattom, Trivandrum, Kerala, India