• What constitutes elderly care?

The needs and requirements of an individual changes in relation to his / her age. Care for senior people would thus involve taking care of their personal / social needs considerately, committedly and holistically with due regard to their dignity and desires.

  • What makes a Care Home?

It is a facility to provide homely care and assistance to those who are physically disadvantaged due to various reasons and circumstances. The facilities include lodging, meal services and help with regular daily activities.

  • In a Care Home, what should one expect?

Basically, a Care Home facilitates Non-Assisted Living (Independent Living) or Assisted Living of an individual requiring help and assistance of various kinds.

  • What is Non-Assisted Living (Independent Living)?

Here the prospective resident of a Care Home is relatively independent in fulfilling his/ her daily chores and needs the least assistance. However, he/ she needs the safety of living with peace of mind and enjoys the comfort of readily available healthcare facilities, housekeeping, social activities and exclusive / common dining with optional dietitian-made menu.

  • What is Assisted Living?

Here the prospective resident a Care Home is fully dependent on the staff (Care Giver) of the Care Home in managing his/ her daily activities related to personal care (helping in brushing, bathing, toileting, daily medication, daily meals, exercise etc.).

  • Can I get an exclusive Care Giver / Nurse under Assisted Living?

Yes. After carefully evaluating your condition, the Care Home can facilitate the services of a skilled Care Giver or a Nurse exclusively for your assistance on day time / night time / full day basis against additional payment.

  • What is a long term stay?

Long Term stay means when the prospective resident opts to stay with the Care Home for a period of 11 months in a block, renewable thereafter on satisfactory completion of the period with due compliance to the License and Service contracts on mutually agreed terms.

  • What is a Short-Term stay?

When the proposed stay is for 6 months or less, it is termed a Short-Term Stay subject to a minimum stay period of 1 month.

  • What is Single Occupancy and Twin Sharing?

When a single adult occupies one room, it is called Single Occupancy. If a husband and wife occupy a single room with two beds, it becomes twin sharing. Twin sharing is allowed for spouses only..

  • Whether Suites are available for individuals and spouses?

Yes, but in limited numbers and subject to availability. A suite will additionally have a drawing and dining space, in addition to the room/s allotted.

  • Whether the residents can have dedicated Car Parking Facility?

Yes, but on a first come first serve basis against additional payment.

  • What is the criteria for accommodation?

Accommodation is granted based on two agreements (1) Agreement of Licence and (2) Agreement of Service executed between the Applicant/s and the Care Home. Based on the agreements, Licence and Service Fee is fixed payable every month in advance.

  • What is a Care Home Admission Board?

It is the apex body consisting of consulting doctors and other professionals of the Care Home authorized to evaluate the application submitted and take a final decision based on merits of each case, with special reference to the medical condition revealed. The decision of the Admission Board will be final in all respects and will have authority to call for additional investigations either medical or otherwise, wherever required.

  • Is the decision by the Admission Board to admit an applicant final?

No. The admission to the Care Home is provisional for 3 months. During this period, if it is found that the resident had failed to disclose medical or other personal matters relevant to the applicant at the time of admission, the Admission Board is well within its powers to cancel the admission without further reference to the resident.

  • What is the process involved in applying for a Care Home facility?

Step 1: Submit the application form duly filled to the Admission Board with the required documents and medical records, along with the application fee payable.

Step 2: The Admission Board of the Care Home will evaluate the credentials of the applicant for admission, based on the details submitted and on the medical condition revealed, if any.

Step 3: The Care Home Management will issue a Provisional Offer Letter in case the application is accepted, within 15 days of receipt of the application.

Step 4: If the applicant finds the Offer Letter acceptable, the applicant can proceed with the formalities of Registration (Signing the contracts, payment of non-interest bearing refundable deposit, advance payment of monthly expenses etc.) and fix a date for admission.

Step 5: Admission of the applicant

  • Why and wherefore of an Authorised Representative?

An Authorized Representative is required to represent the applicant/s in all matters relating to the Care Home admission and stay which is by executing a legal document (a Specific Power of Attorney) in favour of a person of applicants’ choice, preferably a close relative. The Authorized Representative is intended to fully protect the interest of the applicant/s so that there is no chance for inaction / indecision in the event of an emergency or a situation wherein the applicant is incapacitated for any reason to fulfil the agreed terms and conditions with the Care Home.

  • What is your Exit Policy of the Care Home?

The duration of stay at Care Home can be for a short term or longer, as explained hereunder:

  (a) Short term stay can be for one month to six months
  (b) Long term stay can be for any period above six months

A resident or the Authorized Representative can terminate the License and Service Contract during the course of the Contract, by serving a notice necessarily in writing. The exit policy of Care Home stipulates a minimum notice period, varying in consonance with the duration of the contracted stay, as detailed below:

  • In respect of contracted stay of two months or less, if the contracts are terminated any time during the contract period, a minimum licence fee for one (1) month or for the actual period of stay, whichever is higher, will be payable. For contracted stay of above two months but up to six months, a minimum notice period of two calendar months is required. In the absence of the stipulated notice period, license fee as applicable to the duration of the notice period will be payable, in lieu of notice.
  • Regarding long term stay, advance information in writing is to be given three calendar months in advance, to terminate the License and Service Contract. It takes three months from the date of termination notice for it to become effective. In the absence of the stipulated notice period, license fee for three months is payable, in lieu of notice.

Conversely, in the unlikely event of noncompliance with any of the terms and conditions of the License Contract or Service Contract by a resident, Care Home can terminate the contracts by serving a notice in writing, with a notice period of three (3) calendar months. In the absence of the stipulated notice period, proportionate Licence Fee as applicable can be paid, in lieu of Notice.

  • What are the fees /service charges payable?

All fees/service charges payable before admission are as follows:

I. Registration Fees : Rs. 5000 (per person)
II. Documentation Fees* : Rs. 5000 (per person)
III. Before Admission : Refundable Security Deposit + Onemonth’s advance payment of License Fee and Service Charges***, with GST as applicable

Long Term (11 Months) 10,00,000
Short Term (1-6 Months) 2,50,000

* Agreement of License, Agreement of Service, Special Power of Attorney etc.
** The non-interest bearing security deposit will be refunded, on the termination of the License and Service Contract, to the resident or the designated nominee, within 90 days from the date of termination of the Contract, after deducing the outstanding dues to the Care Home, if any. In the improbable case of any delay in payment beyond 90 days, interest shall be paid from the 91st day at 12% p.a. compounded annually.
*** Annual increase of 5%
**** All the fees/charges are liable to periodical revision
***** For other payment options please contact us.


Year % of Deduction 2.5 L 10 L
0-1 year* 5% RS 12500 RS 50000
1-2 year 7% RS 17500 RS 70000
2-3 year 9% RS 22500 RS 90000
3-4 year 12% RS 30000 RS 120000
4-5 year 15% RS 37500 RS 150000
5-6 year 18% RS 45000 RS 180000
6-7 year 22% RS 55000 RS 220000
7-8 year 25% RS 62500 RS 250000

*No deduction of deposit for the first 2 months of stay

  • What are the fees / service charges payable every month once admitted?

Three invoices will be raised every month, payable within 3 days from the date of invoice. Delay in payment will entail compounded interest at 12% p.a.

(a)Invoice 1: Payment of Monthly Licence Fee
(b)Invoice 2: Payment of Monthly Service charges.
(c)Invoice 3: Payment of all other additional / special services provided / facilitated by the Care Home for the month.

  • What are the expenses covered under Invoice 1?

The Invoice 1 (License Fee) will cover the monthly expenses of occupying the room / apartment at our Care Home. The Licence Fee payable per month (in Indian rupees) is as follows: (valid till Dec 2019)

Long Term (11 Months) 21,500 25,675 43,000
Short Term (1-6 Months) 26,750 29,425 53,500

* For other payment options please contact us.
** The above rates are excluding GST which will be chargeable as per Government Rules and Regulations.
** All the fees/charges are liable to periodical revision

  • What are the Service charges covered under Invoice 2?

The Invoice 2 (Service Charges) will cover the following per person:

·         Food and Beverages prepared by our Chef and supervised by our F&B Manager based on weekly Menu (Bed Tea and Mid-Day Drink served at individual rooms, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea with snacks and Dinner served at the common dining room);

·         Housekeeping (Unit maintenance and Cleaning on daily basis);

·         Uninterrupted Water and Electricity;

·         Laundry (5 pieces of wearing apparel per person per day);

·         24 x 7 Security, CCTV Surveillance and Access Control System;

·         Caretaker to facilitate the daily general needs of the resident;

·         General Care (Monthly Basic Health Check and Maintenance of Health Records); and

Common amenities provided at the Care Home premises

Long Term (11 Months) 10,000 20,000 20,000
Short Term (1-6 Months) 10,000 20,000 20,000


* For 3-bedroom suite / other payment options please contact us.

** The above rates are excluding GST which will be chargeable as per Government Rules and Regulations

*** All the fees/charges are liable to periodical revision

  • What are the variable expenses covered under Invoice 3?

The Invoice 3 will be variable and will depend on the type of service request from the resident. The general services normally availed by residents are:

  • Doctor visit;
  • Dedicated care giver;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Medical Tests at our facility;
  • Yoga Classes;
  • Medicine purchase;
  • Ayurvedic treatments; and
  • Ambulance Services.

  • What are the other items one need to bring at the time of checking in to the Care Home?

  • Wearing Apparels of own choice.
  • Two sets of Bed Sheets (72"x36" size) and Pillow covers (Medium size).
  • One Blanket
  • Two sets of Bath Towels
  • Personal Toiletries (Tooth Brush, Tooth paste, Comb, Bathing Soap, Oil, Shampoo, Body Cream / Lotion, Shaving Kit, Nail Cutter etc.).
  • Shoes / Socks / Chappals / Belts /Caps / Shoe Polish / Brush etc.
  • Walking Stick / Wheel Chair/ Walker or any other Walking Aids.
  • Specs / Hearing Aids along with the last eye test reading. Magnifying Glass if needed
  • Mobile Phone with Charger if any. (Mobile number to be provided to the Care Home Management)
  • A small Torch
  • Past medical records
  • Medicines currently used with prescriptions

(Residents are encouraged not to bring any valuables like Gold Ornaments, Cameras, Radios, Laptop or other electrical / electronic gadgets with them and Care Home Management will not take responsibility for such items. If they are held by the residents, it will be at their risk and responsibility).

  • What am I paying for? (Rating Matrix)

Sl. No. Parameters Status
1 Promoters and their background Mr. Sajan Pillai, CEO of UST Global, is the Chairman. He is a farsighted leader having an inimitable view of how technology can change the world.
Dr. M. Ayyappan, retired after 20+ years of service from HLL Life Care Limited,is the Founder Chairman. He is a reputed and recognized Icon in India�s Health Care sector. He is currently the Managing Director.
2 Management Run by a Team of Professionals with the active support of Para Medics and Doctors under the leadership of Dr. M Ayyappan.
3 Location In the Capital City of Trivandrum, Pattom Junction, well connected by Road, Rail and Air.
4 Building Stay at a building constructed per Government rules and regulations and Care Home under completion certificates issued by the Corporation of Trivandrum.
5 Infrastructure /Safety /Security
  • Water Supply: Uninterrupted water supply ensured. Storage capacity: 1,25,000 L
  • Electricity: High Tension electric supply made available specially.
  • Standby Generators: 63 KVA & 65 KVA
  • Lift / Elevator: Available with Wheel Chair/ Stretcher access
  • Public Telephone: Available
  • Fire and Safety Measures: Complied with in full
  • Thunder and Lightning Protection: Available
  • CCTV Surveillance: Available
  • Round the clock Security: Available with gated compound
  • Ambulance: Services available
  • Emergency Hospital Link:SK Hospital, Pangode; SUT Hospital, Pattom; and Cosmopolitan Hospital, Pattom.
6 Human Resources
  • Car Parking for residents and Visitors: Available
  • General Manager
  • Head, Geriatric Care
  • Skilled Care Givers (on 24x7 Duty)
  • Doctor visit (Monthly)
  • Doctor on Call (Any time)
  • F&B Manager
  • Chef and Assistants (on 24x7 Duty)
  • Housekeeping Staff (on 24x7 Duty)
  • Security (on 24x7 Duty)
  • Drivers (on 24x7 Duty)
7 Other services that can be facilitated
  • Exclusive skilled care giver service:
    (a) Day time basis
    (b) Night time basis
    (c) Full day basis
  • Fixing prior appointments with Hospitals / Doctors and assisting in its fulfilment
  • Medicines Delivery Facility at the premises
  • Laboratory Tests and results at the premises
  • Ambulance Services
  • Physiotherapy / Yoga / Wellness / Ayurveda Centre Services:
    (a) Fixing prior appointments/ Assist visiting the Centre
    (b) Physiotherapist on call
    (c) Attending individual /Group sessions
    (d) Hair Dresser Services (e) Pedicure Services
8 Concierge Services Personal Assistant Services like:
(a) Accompany visiting friends/ relatives / Church / Temple / Bank / Shopping
(b) Bills Payment / Rent Collection
(c) Secretarial services like typing / emailing / copying / faxing
(d) Assisting in STD / ISD calls / Skype
9 Miscellaneous Services a) Arrange transportation for personal visits as required
b) Pick Up and Drop for visiting guests
10 Recreation a) Guests Facility at the Premises
b) Celebration of special days / events
c) Group picnics
d) Group watching cultural programs
e) Meals outside Menu / Special Food
    (a) Indoor Games like Cards, Carrom, Chess.
(b) Library and Reading Room.
(c) Meditation Room

Should you require any further information please see our websitehttps://ashacare.in/Care-Homes.htmlor contact 1800 102 8313. We shall be always glad to reply to your queries forthwith.

  • How do I access my Personal Health Record (PHR)?

Go to URL https://www.watchmyhealth.com/

Enter your PHR number OR your full email id in the box for this (right panel). This email id is the one that was given by you at the time of registration and that serves to identify you. Enter your password and click Log in.

  • How do I enter test results?

You may enter or edit your lab results using the drop-down options Enter New or Edit provided with each item in the left menu. Before a result is entered, it is essential to know the category to which it belongs. By placing the mouse arrow over the menu items, it is possible to see the tests that each category includes. Click the correct menu item and then click 'Enter New'. The rest is easy. Enter the date of the test and the values in the appropriate boxes. Make sure the right unit is selected. The commonly used 'conventional units' are the default. Once the entry is finished, click on the save button.

You may scan your ECGs and other documents and upload them using the menu opition 'ECGs, X-rays & Other Tests'.

The Staff at WMH Preventive Health Centre are trained to enter data in your PHRs. A fee is charged in proportion to the volume of data entered.

  • What is the fee for getting old health records entered in my PHR?

You can enter the test results on your own, in which case there is no charge. We can also arrange to have these entered on your behalf by our staff. If you opt for this, data entry fee is charged proportional to the volume of data entered and the number of images scanned or photographed.

Entry of results for tests done at the WMH Preventive Health Centre will be entered by our staff, and this is not separately charged.

  • Why do doctors advice 'Pathyam' while taking Ayurveda Medicines?

In Ayurveda, regulation of diet as therapy has great importance. This is because it considers human body as the product of food. An individuals’ mental and spiritual development as well as his temperament is influenced by the food. Therefore, doctors usually prescribe Pathyam - not for the medicines, but for the disease / derangement of Doshas that need attention. But there are exemptions while taking some mineral preparations. This is exclusively for the fact that our body should be supported well/maintained well.

  • Can we take Ayurveda Medicine with Modern Medicine?

If not indicated otherwise by the attending physician, Ayurveda Medicines can generally be taken along with allopathic medicines.

  • What is "Prakriti" or "Ayurvedic Body Type"?

The concept is unique and has explanation for this. Every person is born with a definite genetic constitution depending upon Doshas. Our body behaves accordingly to the “Dosha Prakriti”. The treatment, Diagnosis of the disease, food, lifestyle – all depend on “Prakriti”.

  • What is "Panchakarma"?

Panchakarma is the Sanskrit word that means “five actions or five treatments”. It is the cornerstone to Ayurvedic management of diseases. It is the process which gets to the root cause of the problem and re-establishes the essential balance of “Tridosha” in body. It helps us to maintain our health as well as to alleviate diseases.

  • Why "Ayurlaya"?

"Ayurlaya" is an initiative of A.S. Healthcare Assistance Private Limited (Under the brand name ASHA) and is a group company of A.S Investment Holdings Private Limited, headquartered in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The group specialises in services focused on healthcare and wellbeing. The group companies have already created a niche in the market through their services – Home Nursing (ASHA Health Care) and providing Senior Living Facilities (ASHA Care Homes).

  • What makes "Ayurlaya" unique?

Very experienced Ayurveda Physicians; Special care in the selection of ingredients, herbs and oils used for treatment; Trained therapists; a very calming, peaceful and soothing ambience; and convenient location, easily accessible from any part of the city.

  • What makes "Ayurlaya" Special?

A part from the traditional Panchakarma treatments other services we provide for the customers are Marma Chikiltsa, Sports Medicine, Gynea, Lifestyle Disorders, Post Natal Care to name a few.

  • Can you provide us with the rate and timings of Yoga Classes?

For details, please contact us on 8281110355/358

  • I am Diabetic, Hypertensive and Dyslipidaemia or Thyroid medicine taking person, is it possible for me to take Ayurvedic treatment?g Ayurveda Medicines?

Yes, it is advisable to undergo Ayurvedic Treatment. But before starting any Ayurvedic procedures, your current health status should be checked. You should continue the medicines used as normal. Ayurvedic Treatments/procedures/medicines will be decided accordingly considering your health picture.

  • Can you suggest an easy remedy to overcome motion/travel sickness?

One among the easiest and effective method is to keep PANAMKALKKANDU – Palm jaggery in your mouth and enjoy it slowly.

  • I was advised to take Kashayam on empty stomach. But its unbearable for me to take it on empty stomach meanwhile I have to take the medicine too. How can I manage the situation?

It is advisable and beneficial to take kashayam on empty stomach. If it is not possible then you can take kashayam 2 hours after food. If you are taking Kashayam along with food unless specified, it will affect your digestion and eventually the entire metabolism

  • In Ayurveda, it is advised to take medicines mixed with Ghee, Buttermilk, Honey etc. What is the reason behind it?

The adjuvants taken along with medicines are called “Anupaanam”. It is having great significance since it affects the Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion of medicines mixed along with. The Anupaanam selected should be in accordance with the nature of medicine, condition of the disease, patient etc.

  • Is it advisable to use hair oil advertised in media?

Most people prefer to use these oils for hair fall, dandruff problems or for any cosmetic reason. Initially you have to identify the basic reason for all the above. Few reasons for the situation would be: having any Thyroid issues or PCOD for Girls, change in water, wearing helmet, Anaemia, Leuchorrea etc. By curing the primary condition, things will be much more easy and effective.

  • How is "Ayurlaya Beauty Care" different from other venture?

Beauty Care deals with hair care, skin care and face care using natural Ayurvedic products as advised by our Ayurveda Physician.

  • What is the uniqueness of Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the collection of "principles of healthy living" that evolved from ancient civilisation. Ayurveda is different in that, it addresses the uniqueness of each person (Personalised Medicine) and helps each body to heal itself.